Renato Santos

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Renato Santos is an international speaker and consultant. He‘s been working for 24 years with SEBRAE (Brazilian SMEs support agency), developing consulting and training solutions applied countrywide – Renato has more than 19,000 hours on entrepreneurship training for both entrepreneurs and executives. He collaborates with Brazilian organizations such as CNI, BNDES, IEL and others, developing tools to identify opportunities, to business modeling and general management.

Abroad, Renato is a consultant for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank. He operates in-company entrepreneurial and business programs; and develops integrated production chains between SMEs and corporations of specific industries such as ICT and civil aviation.

Renato is co-author of the current version of Empretec, the main entrepreneurship training program worldwide, developed by the UN and now applied in Brazil and other 39 countries with 430,000+ impacted entrepreneurs. The consultant has worked on the installation of Empretec in 23 countries in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East (including BRICS). In 2018, Renato is committed to install Empretec centers in Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Malaysia, with completion scheduled for this year.

A MD in Finance and MBA in Marketing, Renato has books on market analysis and entrepreneurship. His entrepreneurial experience is an asset: Renato partners at companies on logistics and food service in Brasília, where he‘s built his career and seats at the board of ICT companies. In São Paulo, where Renato lives, he‘s an investor and advisor to companies in different spheres, following a period as shareholder and Executive Director of a medicine & health group.

Since 2011, Renato works at the corporate reality show "The Apprentice", broadcasted in Brazil by Record TV – he is an advisor to the anchor Roberto Justus on assessing the competitors‘ performance. He may also be heard on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on CBN, Band News and Jovem Pan SP radio stations, where he answers questions from the audience of "Minuto SEBRAE"; and every 10th monthly, when he co-hosts "Papo de Especialistas" at TV SEBRAE (YouTube channel). To learn more about his work with the media, click here.

Since 2002, Renato has delivered more than 100 lectures in Brazil and other countries. To learn more about his work as a speaker, click here.

Renato Santos