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Since Apr-17 Renato Santos co-hosts, together with Cazé Pecini, the TV show "Papo de Especialistas" at TV SEBRAE (YouTube channel).

In the program, which is broadcasted every 10th, experts in different spheres debate with Cazé and Renato the relevance and application of various concepts to the business world.

The first edition of the series had Paulo Storani, BOPE-RJ (Brazilian elite police squad) commander, social anthropologist and a consultant for the cinema franchise series "Tropa de Elite", to speak about Motivation.

The debate went through the lessons that entrepreneurs may learn from the challenges faced by Storani: to keep a relatively small group of policemen trained, disciplined, motivated and ready to work under extreme pressure taking the highest risks in one of the most dangerous environments in Brazil. What keeps a BOPE soldier motivated? Is it possible to replicate such learning inside a SME?

Click the picture above to watch the first part of the program; the weblink for the two other blocks will be at the end of the video.


Renato Santos is a speaker and consultant working in Brazil and in 25 countries. He has 24,000+ hours of experience training business people, and solid entrepreneurial experience. He speaks weekly about business in “Minuto SEBRAE” broadcasted at CBN, Band News and Jovem Pan SP radios; and every 10th in "Papo de Especialistas" at TV SEBRAE (YouTube).