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On September 2014, Renato Santos took part once again on the Green Nation Fest, one of the main Brazilian events on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The main topic of the event was Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and the lecture on the challenges for building a sustainability culture on SMEs took so much interest from the audience that organizers had to interrupt the Q&A panel because of the lack of time available to all questions.


On this interview conducted by the PUC-RJ TV team, Renato summarizes the main topics of the lecture. Click the picture to watch the full interview in Portuguese!



Renato Santos is a speaker and consultant working in Brazil and in 25 countries. He has 24,000+ hours of experience training business people, and solid entrepreneurial experience. He speaks weekly about business in “Minuto SEBRAE” broadcasted at CBN, Band News and Jovem Pan SP radios; and every 10th in "Papo de Especialistas" at TV SEBRAE (YouTube).