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In this video, you’ll learn more about Renato Santos’ work during the 2013 season of "The Apprentice." This is the first of three presented here about this season.


As an Advisor to the anchor Roberto Justus together with the executive Walter Longo, Renato’s rolet was to monitor the performance of the teams, analyzing their outcomes and recommending the dismissal of one of the defeated team members in each task – a complex challenge in the season that brought together the more prepared competitors in the history of the program in Brazil: the candidates who, despite not winning, stood out in the past editions.

All received a second chance to show their ability - and the winner was the project manager Renata Tolentino.



Renato Santos is a speaker and consultant working in Brazil and in 25 countries. He has 24,000+ hours of experience training business people, and solid entrepreneurial experience. He speaks weekly about business in “Minuto SEBRAE” broadcasted at CBN, Band News and Jovem Pan SP radios; and every 10th in "Papo de Especialistas" at TV SEBRAE (YouTube).